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Thankful Thursday - A Chicken

Let us give thanks. It is Thankful Thursday.

I am thrilled to be hosting Thankful Thursday in April. Next month we will meet with Laurie at Women Taking A Stand and then in June we will share our thanks over at Iris of Grace Alone.


I am preparing to speak at a retreat this weekend. I ran out of time and wasn’t able to get around to visit everyone this week. Boo Hoo…. I hope to stop by and visit everyone early next week. I truly love reading your praises and catching up with you. 

Most of you read my story last week about my challenging neighbor. (Does it strike you that perhaps I am the challenged one?) In fact, I believe our God is intentional when He is working on our character. This has proven to be so once again in my life this past week. Here we go…. 

I went to the grocery store Sunday afternoon to pick up some fresh veggies, fruit, milk, and bread. As I rounded the corner and looked down the potato chip aisle, I spotted – him. AGAIN. (If you missed this story, scroll down to last Thursday’s post.) 

Yep, it is my Harley ridding, tatted out, neighbor I have purposely avoided, until last week. 

Remember, God told me to get over myself and start acting neighborly toward this guy, so I did. 

Well, God wanted to make sure I wasn’t going back on my promise. Here I was in the grocery store, staring at him from the top of the aisle. “What are you going to do, Lynn?” The Holy Spirit whispered. 

I gulped and started toward him not really sure what I would do. He was looking over a bag of chips. I walked down the aisle, resolute that if he saw me, I would talk with him. But, he never looked up and I passed him by. I chickened out. I didn’t say a word. 

I finished shopping. Perhaps it was okay that I didn’t tap him on the shoulder to say hello. I whispered to the Lord, “I will chat with him on my next walk around the block.” 

God would have none of my excuses. 

As I unloaded my cart in the checkout lane, guess who pulls up right behind me? Yep, it’s him. 

Okay, Lord. I’m busted. I get the message. I surrender. Forgive me. I am hearing you loud and clear. 

I stood straight up. Turned away from my groceries, looked him in the face and with a smile I said, “Hey, how are you?” He smiled back. Then with a gentle chuckle said, “I almost didn’t recognize you without your little dog.” 

He grinned sheepishly. I grinned back. We laughed. I finished my check out and as I was about to push my cart away, I turned around to my neighbor and said, “Well, I’ll be seeing you later.” Inferring that I will be around with the dog as usual. 

We smiled then I walk to the car. 

I grined to myself as I prayed and loaded groceries into the car, “Lord, you are at work here and I am a slow learner. Help me to see what you see and let me be prepared to interact with anyone and everyone you choose to send my way.” 

How utterly patient is the Lord. He relentlessly pursues me. He pushes me out of my comfort zone so that I will be conformed to the likeness of Christ. 

I am fascinated by these encounters and I expect you will hear of several more this month before my turn is over hosting Thankful Thursday.  

God is at work in the life of this ordinary chicken. (better not lay an egg *grin*)Chickentop  

What do you think? What are you thankful for this week? What is God working out in your life? Be blessed, Lynn

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