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Thankful Thursday - When God Corrects

Let us give thanks. It is Thankful Thursday.

I am thrilled to be hosting Thankful Thursday in April. Next month we will meet with Laurie at Women Taking A Stand and then in June we will share our thanks over at Iris of Grace Alone.

Just a few minutes ago I was stumped about what to share with you on this Thankful Thursday. Often when I am stuck without a word from God, I will go for a walk. So this afternoon, like I do around this time of day, I leashed my little dog and went for a walk. 

I kneeled down and prayed, “God, what are you words. What is it you want to share?” 

Little did I know I was about to receive a very personal and powerful message. 

I started toward the neighborhood park a couple of short blocks away. I know many of our neighbors and wave to them as they see me jogging in the morning or walking in the afternoon. As I crossed the street, I looked up and there I spotted – him. 

Our neighbor over the fence and three houses up. He moved in a few years ago and has been known, on occasion, to host loud parties in the hot tub with “medicinal” smoking into the wee hours of the morning. At four in the morning, I was not a fan. 

Couple this, with the fact that his teenage daughter has nearly collided with my car on three separate occasions because she drives way to fast and texts at the same time. I am definitely not a fan! 

I have ignored this man who always arrives home from work minutes before I walk down his street. I walk on the other side of the road pretending he is non-existent. (This is starting to sound like the Good Samaritan story but I’m not the Good Samaritan----am I) 

I don’t want to wave and give him a warm smile. What I want is to give him a piece of my mind. 

Well several months ago, my husband was out walking the mutt and the guy stopped him, “Why don’t you ever say hi?” 


My husband chatted with him then came home and told me our neighbor asked why we were ignoring him. 

Well, I didn’t think much about it until today. Until I spotted him. I knew in an instant God was putting the smack down on my attitude. 

“Lynn, I love this man. You are to wave to him every day from this day forward and one day a conversation will develop. I have used you with your other neighbors. Why are you being so judgmental?” 


Well on our return trip my little mutt, Peanut and I, walked down his side of the street and in fact, he was out front watering his lawn. I knew what was coming. 

I shuffled by with a smile on my face, “Hi, how are you? It’s great weather this afternoon since the wind died down.” 

He looked at me without response. Was it stunned silence? 

He gathered his wits and replied, “Hi, ya.” 

“Your yard looks great.” I encouraged. 

No reply 

I walked on. 

Then, “Yeah,” he called after me as I walked down the street. I think he recovered from the shock that I smiled and spoke with him. I could hear a smile in his words as he shouted down the street to me, “It’s really great weather.” 

I know there are more conversations ahead and they won’t be about a piece of my mind. 

O Lord, forgive me for my arrogant, unforgiving, and judgmental heart. 

I am so thankful God does not leave me unchanged. I have attitude and He fixes me. I have arrogance and I get a much-needed smack down. I have pride. He works it out. 

Thank you God. Thank you.

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