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Thankful Thursday - A New Profile Photo

Let us give thanks. It is Thankful Thursday.

We are meeting this month with Iris of Grace Alone and in March we will be at Laurie's place, Women Taking A Stand. Find Thankful Thursday back here in April.

In a few months I will be turning the big five oh. I decided that my profile photo was out of date seeing that is more than six years old. I needed a new photo and called up my friend, Prema of The PB Style

She took this ole' gal's face and captured the essence of me in some of her photos. I thought I would share a few with you today. Help me choose.

These are only the proofs. I will upload my profile photo in a few days when I receive the original on CD.

Watermark jeans jacket profile
 Fun photo
BW barnbackground
Facedown black turtleneck
Brickbackground black turtleneck
Whitebackground wm
Isn't Prema awesome? I adore her and my other photographer buddy, Iris Nelson of Grace Alone. So, I hope to update my profile photo in a couple of days. I am tired of that old one. 

I am thankful for my friend and sister in Christ, Prema. God has gifted you with an amazing talent. Hugs, Lynn


Share your voice, heart and love in the comments. 

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