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Thankful Thursday - Miscellaneous Various Assorted Mixed Diverse Sundry

It is a delight to host Thankful Thursday this month. I have been a participant in this particular blogging venue since I began writing more than three years ago.

I count it as a privilege to share praises together as we honor the Lord for the awesome blessings He pours into our lives.

Next month we will meet at Grace Alone. December we will return to Women Taking A Stand.

My heart is full. At every turn I can see the Lord working in and around my life. My husband has been unemployed since January but today, I have never felt richer. I praise you Jesus for:

  • The fall season ~ Cooler breezes, sweaters, the colors rust, gold, orange, brown
  • The Love Dare Bible study
  • Email from my bloggy sister Iris this morning at 6 am
  • The 30 days – Mind of Christ experiment*
  • Each and every reader who stops here
  • My husband
  • My son and daughter
  • My family in Christ

What are you thankful for? Be Blessed, Lynn

*It’s not too late to join the rest of us on this journey, The Mind of Christ. Expect it to change your life. Read about it here.

Praising the Lord today! Hugs

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