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An Adventure Into Disc Golf

638105_frisbee_golf_1 My sweet hubby just got back last night from the 2009 PDGA Disc Golf World Championships. Over the years and through countless hobbies such as traditional golf, rollerblading, and a unicycle (yes, you heard me right), this is the one sport I've seen him play and pursue passionately.

I admire his dedication and determination to improve in the sport. He plays every chance he gets. And yes, I've become the proverbial "golf-widow." But he loves it.

We've talked here at S.U.M. before about the challenges of staying connected to our spouses, to find common ground when faith and church can't be. Especially when interests diverge so drastically. And as I've shared in recent posts, I'm searching for ways to have more impact on my husband's life.

While he was gone, God showed me that these two issues were tied together. That if I want to have opportunities to "show" him Christ (1Peter 3:1) then I need to insert myself in his world. And right now, that's disc golf.

I mentioned before I'd be the one on the disc golf course, picking burrs out of her socks. Well, looks like Saturday is my day to break into this up and coming sport. While my husband was gone, I brought up the idea of playing with him when he got back. I wish I could describe the change in his voice...I could tell it meant a lot to him.

So, maybe I'll have pictures to share next time. At least an eventful story, I hope. God nudged me this direction so I'll trust him with the rest. In the meantime, think of some unique ways you can connect with your spouse this week. Do something a little different and see what happens. Then let us know!

Praying and believing,

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