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Thankful Thursday

My daughter and I just returned from an afternoon movie. Give me a romantic comedy and a sprite zero. mmmm,mmm, almost heaven!

Today, my heart is filled with the simple.

An unrushed summer day

The lazy afternoon ocean breeze wandering over the hills of our town

A delightful romantic comedy that leaves you warm and fuzzy

Time with my teen

And visiting with you, my online friends.

Ah, yes. Contentment. God is so very good.

1 Timothy 6-8 A devout life does bring wealth, but it's the rich simplicity of being yourself before God. Since we entered the world penniless and will leave it penniless, if we have bread on the table and shoes on our feet, that's enough. (MSG)

Marriage thought, quote, humor of the week: This week I thought it would be fun to share a little marriage humor:

Many girls marry a man just like their Dad, no wonder so many mothers cry at weddings.

~just for fun. *grin*

Have a blessed Thursday, Lynn

PS. Today I shared a story at Laced With Grace. It is absolutely true. If you are needing a lift and need to be encouraged about people in general, this is a story for you. Head over for Are You Happy, (clap,clap *giggle)

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