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Thankful Thursday - Random Heart

Wow, Thursdays roll around fast, don’t they?

I love to read blogs. I never have enough time in the day to read all those I want. But, I do get around once in a while.

This Christian community of bloggers is fascinating. I never grow tired of reading stories of God present and actively working in the lives of believers. We share with each other from our hearts. We write about our kids, husbands, dogs, the dishes in the sink, and all manner of daily living. Through our words we encourage one another. We are moved to pray for each other and to love authentically even if we are physically separated by many miles, countries, oceans.

You might think after years of writing and reading in this arena, a person could become bored but I’m not. I’m still tickled to discover new tidbits about your life. I often travel with you on vacation. I watch as you triumph over adversity and give all praise to Jesus.

I am captivated further because, as individuals, we don’t try to outshine each other in our writing but we bring a collective offering of praise to God. We celebrate one another’s accomplishments.

How unlike the world.

This Thursday I thank the Lord for this community, the friends, the laughs, tears and joy I have experienced because of you. Thank you and don’t stop blogging. Hugs, Lynn

Also, I apologize Mr. Linky was removed from last week's post. Mr. Linky moved to a new host and just moved my url over today. Sorry, I didn't make it by your place last week but I intend to visit this week. 

Not sure if Mr. Linky is still working. If you don't see it, please leave your link in the comments. I am working on it.

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