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Thankful Thursday - End of an Era... *sniff... sniff*

Hi Everyone. It’s Thankful Thursday again. Iris, our original hostess for this meme, will be returning and sharing TT with Laurie and me. Here is the schedule.

Lynn at Spiritual Unequal Marriage - May, July and October 2009

Laurie at Women Taking a Stand - June, September, and December 2009

Iris at Grace Alone - August, and November 2009

I know it is a tad bit confusing to keep on top of who is hosting but you can always find the schedule at Grace Alone. This month, June, we hook up over at Laurie’s, Women Taking A Stand.

Well it’s the end of an era today.

My daughter is leaving Middle School. Her promotion ceremony is next Friday. *sniff.. sniff* I’m sure I will share more about that next week. However, today is the day that I retire as the Middle School Band Treasurer.

Hallelujah!!!! And yet, I feel sad at the same time.

Band was a wonderful experience for my daughter and for me. I am thankful I was able to be part of this special part of my daughter’s middle school years. This is especially true because she is turning to drama in high school and leaving her band days behind her.Imported Photos 00074

Our experiences with band were awesome. Priceless memories, indeed!

But, the best part of band….. my daughter received the gift of music. It will always reside in her heart and that's a wonderful gift from God!

Have a blessed Thursday. Lynn


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