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On The Edge and I Need You

Hello Everyone:

I am interrupting the scheduled post from last Monday: Is God’s love conditional or unconditional? I have to share with you some thoughts. I am very interested in your opinions.

Saturday I attended the San Diego Christian Writers Conference. This is an annual even which is tied to my writing critique group. The conference is a great place to meet with editors and attend workshops and also to improve my writing skills.

What I found at the conference this year was something unexpected. It has left me a bit unsteady. It appears to me that much of the book publishing in Christian circles is becoming Edgy Christianity.

What I mean by that is some of the speakers/teachers are much more free with their thoughts about God and what Christianity is or means. There are many new books in the market place that are specific to this, also bloggers.

I have not read these books so perhaps I am speaking out of turn. However, I sure have heard from believers (left and right) about these writings.

Blue Like Jazz
I am fine with God.. It's Christians I Can't Stand
The Message We're sending Non-Christiands and Why We should Stop
The Shack
These are only some of the titles that are currently hot sellers in our market.

I have heard wonderful things about these books from people I love and trust. I have heard cautionary words about these books from people I love and trust.

Let me be clear…. I have not read these books. I have read book reviews and there are believers who agree and don’t agree with the message or content.

One of my instructors was a blogger for Crosswalk and is a Christian blogger, John Shore. He receives over 275,000 hits a month on his blog. After spending an hour with John I know he is edgy. But is this bad? He really appears to have a heart for those Christians who feel like they don't fit in.

Why I find myself unsettled is this, I am married to an unbeliever. Could it be my traditional up-brining and tendencies which are a hindrance to my husband coming to faith? Could it be that these edgy Christians are only trying to share Jesus in a way I am unfamiliar? How much edgy is too much edge. How much tradition is to much tradition?

Help me to get my mind around Edgy Christianity. Be Blessed, Lynn

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