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Marriage Monday - Men and Play

Today is Marriage Monday.

Our topic this month is; Men and Play

Recreational companionship is an important need in men. Husband’s want their wives to partner with them when they play.

I have a weird and funny story about this very subject. It happened to me last week while I was blow-drying my hair.

Without further ado, I am reposting this story today for all of those who are visiting from Chrysalis.

Fantasy Football and God..... Say What??

Many of you who have been readers at Spiritually Unequal Marriage for some time know I hear from God while in the bathroom. Many times I am buck nakid’ in the shower and sometimes I am in the closet getting dressed. Today I was blow-drying my hair…. Guess what the Lord prompted me to do?

Join a Fantasy Football Team. Nfl

I can tell you NEVER in a million years did this idea come from my own thoughts. It was God.


Why, you ask?

My husband has been part of a neighborhood team for several years. He has a blast goofing around with his fantasy team and braggin’ about his wins to the neighbors. Side Note: Poor guy incurs more losses than wins but has a ton of fun anyway.

This is recreational fun. It fulfills a great need in my husband and I want to share in the experience. In 2007 I reviewed the book, His Needs, Her Needs by Willard F. Harley, Jr. This book covers the five most important needs of a man in marriage and a woman in marriage. Recreational Companionship is an important need for a man. Click here to read this series.

When I walked into my husband’s home office and told him I wanted to participate, he got the funniest grin on his face. He said, “Okay, but do you understand you have to draft a team?”

I like football. However, I barely understand the rules and usually only watch it on television when my beloved Denver Bronocs are playing. So taking on a fantasy team is a big commitment. But, oh so worth it.Denver_broncos_logo

My husband is trilled!

He grinned and said, “I will call the Commissioner and see if we can get you in.”

Then my husband got worried. A) I have God on my side. B) I have another secret weapon. My son. When it comes to sports, he is the best read, knowledgeable man I know. Hee hee.

Woo Hoo! There will be a blonde winner at the end of this season!!!

I can’t wait to share the camaraderie with my husband and our neighbors, guys and gals are in this league.

Now help me with two things.

1) I need a team name.

2) Purposely look for a new way to enjoy recreational companionship with your spouse this fall. Write me and tell me what it is.

Go Bronocs!!! Be Blessed, Lynn

PS. Boo, Raiders!

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