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Subtle Stealing

Mark 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect if that were possible.

I am going to tell you a story about a dear Christian friend of mine. I am certain not everyone will see this story as I see it. That is okay. I am compelled to share it with you. See if you can find the truth in it. The story to follow is based on actual events.

The details of this drama begin in the summer of 2004. My friend, let's call her Leece, is sure that God has finally answered her prayers. Leece has petitioned the King for months about moving away from her home of thirty years. She is certain this is the day God wants her to list her home for sale and move.

The next day the For Sale sign is posted and sways nicely in the afternoon breeze. It sways and sways and sways for over six months. Doubt steps in and the drama intensifies. Leece begins to ask herself, Did I really hear from God? I was so sure He told me it was finally my time to move. He wants me to start a new season of my life? Why won't my house sell if this is God's will?

This very day, Doubt is joined by Seduction. Seduction telephones Leece. Ya know, Seduction cooes to Leece, "You just need a little extra luck. I'm sure that your house will sell." Seduction motioned to her best friend, Deceit to listen in on the call. Seduction continues, "Leece, I must share with you a miracle, my friend sold her house in one day. Listen to how she did it."

"Hi Leece," Deceit gushed with enthusiasm. "The secret to selling your home is not a good real estate agent, nor location, nor price and especially not prayer. All you need is a four inch plastic statue. You buy this little guy, bury him in your front yard, wait a day and Voila." Deceit and Seduction are grinning with glee across the room at one another. Leece reasons with herself, surely they can't be wrong about this. They are my life-long friends. What harm could there be in a little extra good luck.

A quick visit to the store, a shovel, and the deed is done. The house sells the next week. WOW! Leece quietly tells her circle of friends of her great fortune and how they too can sell their homes quick.

Quite a story isn't it? I love this sweet woman. When she told me this story I was completely surprised how she was deceived into placing an idol in her front yard instead of asking God to sell her home. For her it was a good luck charm but my spirit was grieved knowing the enemy (the idol) received the praise for the quick sale.

Now read the end of the story. The escrow becomes a nightmare. The buyers backout after Leece's moving van arrives to pack everything. The pool pump breaks, she is vandalized, the water heater must be replaced, and the house sits on the market for another six months. Most regrettably there is no money for a new home out of state.

How subtly Satan lurks to draw in even God's chosen.

Lord God, Make us keenly aware of Deceit and Seduction. The enemy waits to exploit our every weakness, our doubts our fears. His efforts are relentless. But we are not afraid! O Lord, let Leece's story be a cautionary reminder that even God's elect can be deceived. Lord, I ask for spiritual perception for every woman who reads this story. Point out any area in our lives where we are deceived and free us from that snare. In Jesus, All-powerful name, Amen.

PS. The statue is now part of a large waste refuse somewhere in the Midwest. Leece sold her home after much prayer and now lives in a wonderful new town where she is starring in a new drama entitled: God, I surrender all.

Originally Posted at: Laced With Grace.

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