As I Wait by Vanessa Tang
Thankful Thursday

Moments of Glory

Girls_2The most precious times of our lives can be spent simply around a table, reminiscing the past. My family and I did this last night. We all went out for pizza and dragged my daughter's wonderful boyfriend along with us. I look at her now, around the same age I had started dating my husband, and I praise God that the young man she is dating is a strong man of God. I look at them with eyes of wonder and curiosity. What must it be like to start "in God"?

Such memories we recalled of our years living abroad, when both our girls were young. Tales of mishaps, memories of creeks, bees, and rollerblading. Our time there holds a mix of pain and joy, of struggles that pushed me to edge of my faith and forced me into the arms of God's faithfulness. During this time, the seeds of my girls' faith journeys were planted and have now sprouted and continue to grow. Already I see God working in their lives and using their fledgling faith to further his kingdom.

As I type these words, I realize it's not so much how we start, but how we finish. As we run the race Paul talks about, are we continually moving forward toward the finish line? Are we straining to run not for the crowd but for our Master Trainer, who waits cheering us on?

I think these moments are the rest points. Reminders that the race is worth running. I see my daughters' growing faith, and am in awe of how God has transformed my entire family. He started with me, then went to my daughters. Since then He's strengthened my father's faith is the face of a cancer battle and brought my mother to know him personally.

When I doubt that God is working, all I have to do is look back and reminisce. God's fingerprints are all over it.

And so is his glory.

Praying and believing,

*The photo is of my girls (ages 5 and 9) right after we moved to Switzerland in 1999. It was a special day of exploring our new surroundings and the nearby lake, Türlersee.

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