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A Christmas Speculation, Part Three

And now part three. Thank you for staying the journey with me.
Praying and believing,

659149_29309835Simeon’s words slid over her heart and settled to a deep ache in her chest. Her son lay content in the old priest’s arms, seemingly oblivious to his true identity. Though the old man had just professed his readiness for death, the awe in his face seemed to rejuvenate his youth.

My Son is the bringer of life.

Mary searched Joseph’s face. Once doubtful eyes now held a deep concern for her. She blinked away the threat of tears. No, this wasn’t a day to mourn, but to rejoice. Her son’s birth had already pierced her heart with a love more intense than she’d imagined possible. How could she mourn what had yet to pass and miss the incredible life she now held?

The angel had said nothing was impossible for God. She’d trust that God would uphold her for whatever came. He’d chosen her to be the mother of his Son. The thought still brought her to her knees in humility. She was nothing. Her son was everything.

And in him all things will hold together.

She’d sensed God’s Spirit continually through the years, words of comfort spoken and peace given.

The memory of that day at the temple rippled away, and she stood once again beneath the cross. Nails pierced Jesus’ hands and feet, and her heart, just as Simeon had said. The ache had never left from all those years ago. She’d simply grown accustomed to its presence.

But now, this pain, this exceeded anything she’d imagined. She’d give anything to trade places with her son. Yet she knew it to be God’s plan, that his Son had come for this sole purpose. Her human mind could not reconcile the need, yet the depravity of her soul could.

For the need of all men’s souls, salvation had finally come.

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