Thankful Thursday: Masculine and Feminine
A Cornball Story that became a Miracle to Me!

Real Warfare

I know I promised the description of the belt, but today I must show you something absolutely compelling, Dineen and I were deeply affected.

It is Jesus in the battle for us. It is the real warfare.

I have never offered a video before but found this one to stir the very core of my heart. Please turn on the sound and watch all the way through. It is the ending that will strike you.

Thank you Jesus, Thank you!

Godtube is experiencing moments of difficulty. If you can't see the video, check back and pray the Lord gets it fixed.)

Be blessed, Lynn and Dineen

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UPDATE:  Spiritual Warfare books are now in the sidebar. I (Lynn) read or am in the process of reading all of these. They are excellent!

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